8 Point Lift

The non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers. 

As we age we lose elasticity in our skin and gravity takes its toll on the face, drawing the skin downwards and ageing us considerably. Skin sags and thins as we get older, affecting us all in different ways and typically more so for women, whose skin is naturally thinner. 

The 8-point-lift is a technique used to restore lift in 8 strategic areas, giving maximal lift and support using a relatively small amount of dermal filler. The results are instant, with minimal discomfort or downtime. 

The treatment uses dermal fillers to enhance and discreetly lift the face for a total rejuvenating effect and targets key areas of the mid-face to lift, contour and revitalise the whole mid-face and lower face.

This method works very nicely for most people because it addresses 2 key aspects of facial aging:

1. Midface volume loss – skin sagging or face ‘dropping’ and tired looking under eye area.

2. Creases and lines and shadows in the mid and lower face – jowls forming along the jawline. 

The Treatment 

The 8 Point Lift combats the soft tissue loss associated with the ageing process and offers a more complete solution compared to individual dermal filler treatments.

The 8 strategic lifting points are a general guideline, which will be tailored to your needs. A personalised consultation is necessary to determine the best ‘total look’ for your face. The 8 key areas include:

1&2: Cheek bone/structure: A small amount of volume in the area enhances the cheekbones and often helps to lift the nasolabial folds.

3: Tear trough/midface: Reduces the appearance of tired hollows under the eyes. If you have significant hollows you may need additional product with a softer, more flexible dermal filler to help with this. Your injector will determine if this additional treatment is suitable for you.

4: Nasolabial fold: This area often deepens with age, so adding volume here can help give a more youthful appearance.  

5: Marionette Lines / Mouth corners: The down turning of the mouth with age gives a ‘down frown’. Using dermal filler in this area can lift the face. 

6. Prejowl area: Loss of volume in the jaw, cheek and chin area can all contribute to jowl formation, so replacing volume in the hollow along the jawline, along with the other areas of the 8 Point Lift, can all help to reduce or improve jowls. 

7. Jawline: As we age, we lose the angle of the jaw, which helps to lift and support the lower face, so the lower face starts to fall forward, contributing to jowls and sagging. A subtle enhancement of the angle of the jaw can help lift these areas. If you have significant loss of volume in this area you may require more product, and different techniques to get best results. 

8. Lower cheek volume: Hollowing in the lower cheek area can make us look gaunt, while treating this area with filler can help with improve the natural curve and structure of the cheek. 

How long will the results last for? 

Results are instant and last for 12-18 months. There is no downtime associated with the procedure but the client may have some mild bruising at the injection site in the days following treatment. 


To find out more information about 8 Point Lift, please book a Consultation or call 0800 24 25 145. Download our London Price List or our Other Clinics Price List.

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