Age Spots

Age spots are also known as sun spots, liver spots, lentigos, or lentigines. These lesions are flat, tan, brown, or dark brown spots on sun-exposed skin. As people age, sun spots most commonly appear on the backs of the hands, the forearms, neck, chest, and face.

The best treatment for age spots is prevention. The key to preventing age spots is sun avoidance and daily sunscreen use. However, for most of us it is too late for prevention, and there are several different approaches to treat them depending on the skin and location.

Resurfacing Laser treatments are the quickest and most effective. For most people only one or two treatments are required to in order to remove the appearance of the brown spots. Laser treatments can also be combined with peels and microdermabrasion to achieve long lasting effective results.

As laser removal of age spots is non-invasive, you can resume normal activity immediately following treatment.

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