Aqualyx - Fat Dissolving Injections

Aqualyx® is a non-surgical solution to minimize and remove stubborn localized pockets of fat. It is ideal for those who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet but have pockets of fat that won’t shift, even with focused exercise. 

What is Aqualyx? 

Aqualyx treatmentDeveloped by Dr. Motolese, Aqualyx® is a safe, approved product that is permitted in the United Kingdom for the use of chemical dissolution of fat in targeted areas. Only qualified doctors or Nurse Prescribers are permitted to conduct treatments with Aqualyx®. 

This technique, known as Aqualysis™ or Aquaplasty™, consists of injecting the solution into localised fat deposits.  Aqualyx® consists of phosphatidylcholine – a natural substance which, when given in higher doses, can cause the destruction of fat cells.

How does it work? 

Aqualyx® works by breaking down cell membranes to liquify the fat cell, destroying it permanently, releasing the lipids that are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.  

The procedure consists of a set of injections, administered 3-4 weeks apart, whereby Aqualyx® is injected into the targeted area. A reduction in fat deposits can be seen after just one treatment, however between three and eight sessions are recommended to achieve desired results. The speed at which noticeable results are seen will vary depending on the stability of the cell membranes; younger clients are more likely to see results after a longer period. In very small fat pads, the desired results can already be seen after one treatment.

Aqualyx® is mixed with Lidocaine (anaesthetic) before injection for greater comfort and the elastic needles allow small areas to be tackled effectively such as double chin or jowls. 

As Aqualyx® a non-surgical solution it means no downtime and no general Anaesthetic risks. As there are no incisions, stitches are not required and scarring is very unlikely. 

There are some temporary side effects, which include bruising, swelling, redness and irritation in the injection area. Sometimes it may feel a slightly tender to touch, numb or itchy but these side effects usually reside after 1-3 days. 

What areas can be treated with Aqualyx®?

Face: Double chin, Prejowl Sulcus

Body: Upper arms, armpits, waist, hips, saddlebags, knees, shackles, buttocks, chest (men only), back, and inner thighs. 

Other (medical): Lipoma, Buffalo hump. 

How do I know if I am suitable for treatment? 

Destroying the fat cells leads to a long lasting solution provided you retain a stable weight, eat healthily and continue exercise as usual. Aqualyx® leads to a permanent reduction of fatty tissue; once removed, fat cells will not reappear. 

Important: Aqualyx® is a body contouring treatment not a weight loss solution. Treatments with Aqualyx® are only applicable for small, localized areas. Clients must be within one stone of their recommended body weight to have treatment and be able to pinch about 3cm of fat. 

In the case of larger fat pads, Aqualyx® cannot replace weight loss and/or surgical procedures such as liposuction.

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