Aromatherapy Associates

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their exquisite aromas and natural healing powers. Rich in botanical activity and antioxidants, plant oils encourage radiant, healthy skin, working at a cellular level to keep the complexion soft and looking youthful.

From the top of the head to the tips of the toes, Aromatherapy Associates have created a range of products to bring vitality to every part of the body. They oils penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to encourage the process of cellular renewal, enhance blood circulation and help problems such as acne, eczema and ageing skin.

Our fully trained staff are frequent users of Aromatherapy Associates products allowing them to provide you with an in-depth consultation and outcome to offer you a product and treatment range that would best suit your skin type and desired end results.

To find out more information about Aromatherapy Associates, please book a Consultation or call 0800 24 25 145. Download our London Price List or our Other Clinics Price List.

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aromatherapy Product
aromatherapy Product
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Aromatherapy Associates is available in these Clinics
London - Marylebone no
London - Spitalfields no
Manchester no
Dorridge, Birmingham yes
Nantwich, Cheshire yes
What our clients say!

Ann, Nantwich

"I've always had a well known brand of facial, have done for the last ten years.  Nantwich opened with Aromatherapy Associates facials, massage and retail products and I'm in love.  It's the best, most indulgent product and best of all?  It's organic"