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4 Reasons To Try Laser Hair Removal

  Laser treatment for hair reduction or removal is on the rise and...

04/05/2017. Read now

Detox Myths and Truths

Maybe we should have done this blog post earlier in January as many are now probably cursing the January detox, ready to give your right arm for a chocolate bar or large glass of red! This week we ...

17/01/2017. Read now

COMCIT Facial OK Magazine Feature

Just before Christmas we featured on OK magazine's Celeb facial feature: Face Off! <...

04/01/2017. Read now

Cryolipoylsis Fat Freeze Treatment Review By The Quick Red Fox

We're pretty excited about our new Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis treatment, so we invited Blogger Katie Fox (<...

21/12/2016. Read now

Blogger review on our oxygen facial!

Blogger review- Oxygen facial We recently had the lovely studen...

14/12/2016. Read now

Jamie Cullen Reviews our signature Ultimate Facial Treatment

Blogger review of our Ultimate facial- Jamie CullenWe recently invited lifestyle and fashion blogger Jami...

12/12/2016. Read now

Scar treatments

TREATING SCARS Whether it be a scar through falling over, burni...

07/12/2016. Read now

Our 12 tips of Christmas!

12 TIPS OF CHRISTMAS Our top Home and treatment Skin ...

30/11/2016. Read now

Christmas Gift Guide 2016


Tis the season, your party preparation secrets!


23/11/2016. Read now

NEW Cristal Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Treatment

CRISTAL CRYOLIPOLYSIS Here at Skin Health Spa we're proud to introduce our new 'WOW' treament, Cristal Cryolipolysis...

02/11/2016. Read now

Our Top 7 Halloween Skin Tricks And Treats

Halloween is fast approaching, and as you can imagine the team here at skin health spa

20/10/2016. Read now

Is your sleep position contributing to your wrinkles?

A new study by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal has found that the position you sleep in can cause wrinkles over time.  The compression, tension and shear forces applied to the face when ...

28/09/2016. Read now

NEW Mesopeel Chemical Skin Renewal Treatments

Discover our SKINsational new peel range.  We believe everyone should have skin confidence, which is why...

14/09/2016. Read now

Skincare Through The Years

As we age our skin changes a lot, meaning what worked for you in your twenties may not work when you're in your fifties. When it comes to skin care, many never change our routine, using the sa...

12/07/2016. Read now

Skin and Tonic

Its the moment we've all been waiting for ... something that tastes great and is also great for skin. A new anti-ageing gin that promises to fight off lines and wrinkles as you drink! Appro...

27/06/2016. Read now

PRP Therapy for Thinning Hair

Hate the thought of surgery but also hate your thinning hair? There's now a non-surgical hair restora...

09/06/2016. Read now

If skin could speak

Skin analysis isnt just about aesthetics, your skin can tell you a lot about your health in general. There is a theory called “face mapping” that suggests th...

06/05/2016. Read now

What is Vampire Therapy?

Its not just vampires that are using blood to seek eternal youth, we can now use it to boost skin in new 'Vampire' therapy treatments that helps keep skin looking youthful. Made famous...

21/04/2016. Read now

A Guide to Facial Fillers

Non-invasive cosmetic treatments are rising in popularity year on year and with increasing demand for an alternative to going under the knife advancements in 01/04/2016. Read now

Easter Treats That Boost Skin

Easter requires some will power to resist the temptation of an array of sweet treats available and just like at Christmas even th...

21/03/2016. Read now

Go Green With Our Top Skin Foods This Paddys Day

Celebrate St Patricks day with a difference this year and treat your skin to some of these top emerald super foods.  1. Avocado  This wonder green fruit has become a bit o...

17/03/2016. Read now

Understanding Skin Peels

The concept of a skin peel is not new and often when we mention it to new clients they back away with images of Kim Cattrall's Sex And The City character Samantha Jones and the infamous 'I've had a...

15/02/2016. Read now

New Year Skin Resolutions

Consider some of these tips and skin tricks as your complexion’s buddy system for staying fit in the year ahead. Pick Products With Actives<...

05/01/2016. Read now

New Evolutionary MicroNeedling Therapy

Skin needling, also called microneedling therapy, collagen induction therapy (CIT), and percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure t...

14/12/2015. Read now

The Cryo Oxygen Facial Has Arrived

The new COMCIT™ Cryo-Oxygen treatment has arrived at Skin Health Spa Manchester (Christmas has come e...

19/11/2015. Read now

Our Guide to Skincare While Flying

According to research more and more of us are escaping the British Winter by jetting off to warmer climates or hitting the sunny slopes these days. But all that extra ai...

10/11/2015. Read now

Whats Fact and Whats Fiction When It Comes To Botox

THE TRUTH ABOUT BOTOX Despite what you may read in the media Botox or Botulinum Toxin is not all frozen faces. We dispel the c...

23/10/2015. Read now

Changing The Face Of Ageing With Botanical Stem Cells

As the news is announced that clinical trails have begun to test injecting foetal stem cells into babies still in the womb has been announced, We thought it was goo...

12/10/2015. Read now

Introducing Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections

  We are delighted to introduce 29/09/2015. Read now

Facial Treatment Preferences

A recent survey found that younger women are more likely to seek a treatment for the upper face, whilst older women prioritise lower face. Research published in 

22/09/2015. Read now

Transitional Skincare Heading Into Autumn

Summer may seem like its been a non-event this year but its probably time to accept that Autumn is well and truly upon us. A change of season requires a change in skinca...

03/09/2015. Read now

Eye Openers To Put The Sparkle Back

The eyes are often the first part of our complexion to reveal of our secrets. From dark circles due to accumulated late nights out or those fine lines and crow's feet th...

19/08/2015. Read now

The Problem With Hyperpigmentation

Sun damage, hormones, inflammation - the causes of hyper-pigmentation are almost as numerous as the treatments on offer to correct it. Recent reports show that pigmentation treatments account for a...

30/07/2015. Read now

Mesotherapy for Facial Skin Hydration

Good skin health is pivotal in not only helping our clients look better and healthy but also to improve the results of any other treatments for specific skin concerns we...

23/07/2015. Read now

The Importance of Skin Texture

The Oxford English dictionary defines texture as 'the feel, appearance or consistency of a surface or substance'. Is it dry, rough, smooth, grainy, irregular? Does it re...

14/07/2015. Read now

The Right Frequency

Summer is now (thankfully) upon us, which always evokes a need to renew and refresh. So, if your contemplating trying something different, the dawning of the new season ...

01/07/2015. Read now

Treating Scars

Scars come in a variety of shapes, sizes and severity and can mark a physical or psychological burden on our clients. Scars are unfotunately a permanent condition and although we can never bri...

22/06/2015. Read now

Post Beard Skin Recovery

As Father's Day approaches we turn our attention to male grooming, perticulary post-beard skin recovery to help get skin looking great after months or years of being hidden behind facial hair! ...

18/06/2015. Read now

10k Skin Health Giveaway

We're very pleased to ann...

17/06/2015. Read now

Semi Permanent Makeup Now Available

We are delighted to announce we are now offering semi permanent makeup treatments for Brows, Eyes and Lips to give back fullness, outline and shape. Jenny Hall, Semi-permanent makeup artist be brin...

15/06/2015. Read now

Survey Shows Brits Are Failing To Protect Skin From Cancer

We stumbled upon a recent survey by The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) revealing a worrying attitude towards the UK's most...

10/06/2015. Read now

The Benefits of Using Acids in Skincare

For many years now top cosmecuetical companies have been promoting the use of acids in skincare but where do they come from and how do they work.  What are the main benefits of...

01/06/2015. Read now

Wedding Season Is Here

As we head into the milder months, the wedding season kicks back into full swing with an army of brides and their bridal parties looking for the perfect finishing touche...

27/05/2015. Read now

5 Tips To Protect Your Skin This Summer

This week we're celebrating Skincare Awareness Week and want to help raise awareness of the importance of protecting your skin from the sun's damaging UVA, UVB and UV ra...

13/05/2015. Read now

The Impact Of Pollution On Your Skin

Your skin has an enemy, one that you dont see and its around you all the time and can be as damaging as the sun. What is it? .... Pollution. 

06/05/2015. Read now

Emerge Laser Treatment Review by The Sentinel

Mary-Ann Astle of The Sentinel newspaper came to our Nantwich clinic in Cheshire recently to review the new Emerge Fractio...

18/03/2015. Read now

Freckle Face Love or Loathe?

Niamh Spence wrote a great article a while back for 17/03/2015. Read now

Pumpkin Peel Review by Chic Muslimah

Chic Muslimah is a lifestyle blog aiming to provide an innovative approach in styling des...

16/03/2015. Read now

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

  Mother's Day should be all about spoiling the wonderful woman who has given you so much, and our gift ideas do exactly that. Whether ...

09/03/2015. Read now

Laser Hair Removal vs. IPL What Is The Difference?

We often get asked what the difference is between Laser Hair Removal and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments and even more...

04/03/2015. Read now

Tour Of The Juvederm Factory

This month Skin Health Spa were lucky enough to be invited to visit the factory where Juvederm fillers are manufactured in Prin...

24/02/2015. Read now

Flint + Flint Swag Bag

This month we've teamed up with Flint + Flint skincare and are pleased to introduce the S.W.A.G Bag to our clients across all our clini...

20/02/2015. Read now

Treatment Spotlight: Emerge Laser for Stretch Marks

Have you got pesky stretch marks that you want to get rid of in time for summer? Is 2015 the year to kick them to the curb once and for all? We'd all like to be able to ...

19/01/2015. Read now

What Are Skin Boosters?

Recent research by Global Healthcare leader Allergan has shown that women today feel much more positively about getting older than the media suggests. The public are sti...

02/01/2015. Read now

Laser Hair Removal Case Study

Over the last 8 years Laser Hair Removal treatments have grown from an unknown, hollywood procedure to the one of the most popular forms of hair removal on the market. A...

16/12/2014. Read now

Acne Scarring Case Study

Renatto Alves, 27, A retail shop assistant from London came to Skin Health Spa to seek help with his Acne Scars. Read a case study o...

09/12/2014. Read now

Stuck For Gift Ideas This Christmas....

Thinking about presents and stocking fillers? We have just a couple of weeks left until Christmas and if you have someone that difficult to buy for we have the perfect g...

03/12/2014. Read now

New Flint plus Flint Candle and Review By Erin Bells

The new Flint + Flint candle landed at

02/12/2014. Read now

Christmas Has Come To Skin Health Spa

Christmas and shopping can be summarised by two emotions, love or hate. So this year at Skin Health Spa we've tried to make li...

24/11/2014. Read now

Treatment Spotlight The Micropeel

With so many varied and beneficial treatments on offer, a lot of our clients have difficulty deciding which ones to go for! “A

14/11/2014. Read now

A Case Study Of Acne Treatment

Lara Peterson, 20, an Admin Assistant from North Wales, has suffered for many years with her problematic skin.

07/11/2014. Read now

Skin Tips For The Upcoming Party Season

The countdown to Christmas has started, we officially have 10 weeks before the party season kicks off! As we're sure your aware, all that partying, late nights, indulgent foods and cold ...

23/10/2014. Read now

Stoptober Healthier Looking Skin In No Time

  Its a well know fact that smoking can accelerate the ageing process in the skin. Since the 1970's studies have shown that smoking results in more premature facial wrinkling than...

14/10/2014. Read now

Preparing Your Skin For Autumn

As we're left wondering where the year is going, the months fly by and our skin is met by a whole host of new demands. How’s best to meet these new demands of our skin come Autumn and Winter?...

30/09/2014. Read now

Antioxidant Power

‘Antioxidant’ is one of those buzz words you may have heard bouncing around over the last few years – on your smoothie carton, in your Glamour magazine  - b...

11/09/2014. Read now

A Case Study of Sun Damaged Skin

A Case Study of Sun Damaged Skin - Sun Beds and Holidays Ruined My Skin......  Hazel Curley, 27, a Retail Manager from Manchester, has always had a complicated relationship with h...

21/08/2014. Read now

Product Spotlight Eye Hero

Over the years Skin Health Spa staff have probably tried every eye cream on the market and none have given us the desired ...

28/07/2014. Read now

Dispelling Skin Myths

Every week we hear clients telling us 'they've heard this' or 'i've been told' that about skincare products and routines. A lot of the time this hearsay is inaccurate and misleading so we thought i...

21/07/2014. Read now

Tales Of Timler Reviews Our Louie Facial

Earlier this month we invited Tim from Tales of Timler to our Manchester clinic ...

09/07/2014. Read now

Flint Plus Flint Skincare Lands At SHS Clinics

We are pleased to announce that the new Flint Plus Flint skincare range is now available at all Skin Health Spa clinics. ...

23/06/2014. Read now

Manchesters Finest Review Our Refinery Facial

Earlier this month we asked Lee Isherwood from Manchester's Finest to come and try out our Refinery Mens Facial and break the taboo that salons and clinics are a women only zone. Here's what he had...

13/06/2014. Read now

Skin Supplements Whats it all about?

Navigating your way through a health field shop can often be a mind field. Its well documented that there are many vitamins and minerals that can help in maintaining healthy skin, hair, teeth, bone...

21/05/2014. Read now

Your Essential Countdown To Summer

This month at Skin Health Spa we are focused on counting down to sunny summer days, BBQ's, sipping cocktails on the beach and long sunday afternoons lay in a park. Let's face it, who isn't? So we'v...

15/05/2014. Read now


In April Katie Popperwell visited our Manchester clinic to review our Ultimate Facial Treatment. Read her verdict below.  01/05/2014. Read now

Colonic Hydrotherapy Now Available

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments. We've teamed up with Colonic Clinics Debee Pridmore to offer this specialist treatment at our Nantwich clinic.

29/04/2014. Read now

NEW Treatment Alert! Agera The No Prep Peel

It's a well know fact that for most resurfacing facial peels the skin has to undergo weeks of preparation with expensive home use products…….Until now. 15/04/2014. Read now

Our Hollywood Effect Facial Features in Grazia

There's simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we'd like to these days, so the clever people at 01/04/2014. Read now

Treatment Spotlight: Juvederm Hydrate

The condition and tone of your face, neck and hands can reveal so much about you. Adequate hydration is findamental to maintain healthy skin tone, elasticity and a smooth, youthful appearance. Your...

27/03/2014. Read now

Product Spotlight: EyeBrite Serum

So the Xmas party season is over, and (maybe) the health kick has begun. You might be getting your early nights and detoxing like there’s no tomorrow, and if so, well done you! Howeve...

18/03/2014. Read now

NEW Treatment Alert Dermafrac

We are pleased to announce we are now offering Dermafrac treatments, The new Innovative Skin Rejuvenation System.

10/03/2014. Read now

NEW Six Steps To Skin Health Treatment Card

March sees the launch of our brand new treatment card - Six Steps To Skin Health. After the success of other treatment cards we decided ...

07/03/2014. Read now

JuiceToU Skin Detox Review

As is all too often the case in January our skin show the signs of an over indulgent festive period, looking dull and tired, weight has also been gained in all the woring places and we're generally...

18/02/2014. Read now

Spotlight Treatment Aromatherapy Massage

So we are finally starting to emerge from the depths of winter, and spring is on the horizon! As always, with a new season comes a wave of new beauty trends. Magazines are awash with a million diff...

06/02/2014. Read now

What A Year

Happy New Year to all our clients, associates and suppliers old and new! What a year 2013 was for Skin Health Spa, a flagship cli...

08/01/2014. Read now

Christmas Shop

Our Christmas Shop is now open and the best place online to pick up a luxurious gift at an affordable price. We can make out a voucher for any price or treatment: 10/12/2013. Read now

New Men Only Treatment Card

Its not just the ladies that need to give their skin some attention now and then, men's skin too can benefit from an M.O.T at least once a year, so we now have a range of treatments specifically fo...

18/11/2013. Read now

New Treatment Alert MangoBrite Peel

We are pleased to announce the new Dermaquest MangoBrite Resurfacer is now available at ...

24/09/2013. Read now

Spotlight Treatment Sculptra

Lets face it, no-one wants to show their age. The good news is, you now don't have to, Sculptra is the anti-age for the modern age. Th...

14/08/2013. Read now

An Evening Of Indulgence For St Lukes Hospice

Skin Health Spa are teaming up with The Residence Restaurant in Nantwich, Cheshire to host an evening of Indulgence in aid of 12/08/2013. Read now

Its Back The 50% Off Sale

It's back! The Legendary 50% sale is back for August. Don't miss out, take advantage of this half price offer on all our 06/08/2013. Read now

Dorridge Make Over Complete

After lots of sweat, blood and tears our Dorridge clinic has completed its make over to have the look and feel of a 'mini-

25/07/2013. Read now

New Lustre Pure Light Pro

After the success of the Lustre Pure Light to treat acne the experts behind the device have just released the...

12/07/2013. Read now

Skincare rewards

The new Skincare Rewards Loyalty Programme has landed at Skin Health Spa bringing with it a whole host of new benefits to being a Skin Health Spa client. T...

10/07/2013. Read now

The Importance Of Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the sun is often overlooked in most peoples daily beauty regime. Exposing your skin to harmful UVA and UVB rays can not only increase the risk of skin cancer but more ofte...

17/06/2013. Read now

Midlands Super Clinic

This June we bring you some fantastic news for the Midlands. Our Dorridge and Leamington Spa clinics are joing forces to create a new super clinic. The clinic at Arden Buildings, Dorridge, ne...

13/06/2013. Read now

Midlands Super Clinic

This June we bring you some fantastic news for the Midlands. Our Dorridge and Leamington Spa clinics are joing forces to create a new super clinic. The clinic at Arden Buildings, Dorridge, ne...

13/06/2013. Read now

Danielle Lloyds Baby Shower

Skin Health Spa recently received an invitation to attend Danielle Lloyd's baby shower to celebrate her recent pregnancy, she is now expecting her third little boy. We were delighted to be invited ...

15/05/2013. Read now

Makeover Treat For Celebrity Mum

Last week Danielle O'Hara (formally Lloyd) brought her mum into our Manchester clinic to give her a pamper and complete make over. Jackie Lloyd was treated to a renewing 22/04/2013. Read now

Spotlight Treatment Clear & Brilliant Laser

Big News! Clear & Brilliant is now available exclusively at our Manchester and Nantwich clinics. We are the only clinics in the North West and Cheshire to have secured this revolutio...

09/04/2013. Read now

Rebecca Moss Treatment Review

The lovely Manchester based beauty blogger Rebecca Moss came into our new flagship clinic last to give her verdict on the Microdermabrasion treatment...... I was invited by the lovely peopl...

25/03/2013. Read now

First Round Of Sweepstakes Winners

Last week we announced our first round of winners from our Sweepstakes Competition.

25/03/2013. Read now

New Flagship Manchester Clinic Now Open

After many months of planning we are delighted to announce that our new start of the art clinic in Manchester is now open.

06/03/2013. Read now

Makeup Bag Essentials Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Youngblood Mineral Makeup is something every woman should have in their makeup bag.  Granting women the power to conceal and correct imperfect complexions has always been the mission o...

26/02/2013. Read now

Professional Beauty Awards 2013 Winner

Skin Health Spa awarded Employer of the Year, 20 employees or more. ...

26/02/2013. Read now

Diary Of A Laser Hair Removal Course Treatment 1

One of our favourite bloggers Rebecca from Be Beautiful has undertaken a course of Laser Hair Removal treatments and she's happy to tell all so you guys can come along for the ride.

01/02/2013. Read now

The Refinery Mens Grooming Collection

Review by Adam Flint Operations Director at Skin Health Spa After a full decade in the industry I've seen many products relating to the female form. Few, if any have passed over my desk t...

30/01/2013. Read now

Xen Tan Dark Lotion Review

Xen Tan is just one of the great products we retail in some of our stores so we thought it was about time we shared our favourite product from the range with you… The Dark...

02/11/2012. Read now

October Hot Offers

We've got loads of fantastic offers going on at our spa's this month. See below for the latest! 35% off all other Laser Hair Removal and Skin Courses...

20/10/2012. Read now

Chemical & Physical Exfoliation: What's The Differ

A good exfoliation can your skin wonders and should be part of everyone's skin care routine. Using exfoliates can help remove dead skin cells from the skins surface and lead to brighter, healthier ...

16/10/2012. Read now

Weird & Wonderful Beauty Treatments


08/10/2012. Read now

Moroccan Oil REVIEW

As the weather starts to get a bit cooler and the central heating starts to kick in our thoughts turn to making sure our hair is in tip top condition throughout the cold winter season. For this, we...

17/09/2012. Read now

Nail Art Inspiration

Here at Skin Health Spa we LOVE nail art. Whether it be the simplest design right through to the fancy-pants intricate detailed designs we love them all. Here are a few of our favourites...

17/09/2012. Read now

Spotlight Treatment: Transderm

Traditionally, a therapist will spend about 40 minutes massaging different cosmetics into your face during a typical facial. A treatment called Transderm has completely revolutionised this. Transde...

17/09/2012. Read now

London Fashion Week Beauty Trend

So another London Fashion Week has drawn to a close for another year. We’ve loved watching the different shows and looking at all the beautiful photography – we particularly loved ISSA&...

17/09/2012. Read now

The Low Down On Laser Hair Removal

This week, in certain parts of England, Mr Sunshine reared his much-welcomed face! Naturally, this got us folks over at Skin Health Spa thinking maxi dresses, summer skirts and playsuits! There&rsq...

17/09/2012. Read now


Essie’s Mint Candy Apple has been taking the beauty blogging world by storm recently and it’s easy to see why! This beautiful lagoon green looks perfect with our Xen Tan Spray Tan. ...

14/09/2012. Read now

The Ultimate Facial REVIEW

Yesterday I visited my local Skin Health Spa for a bit of well deserved R&R. I opted for the ultimate facial seeing as ...

14/09/2012. Read now

Emma Watson

How stunning did Emma Watson look at the premiere of her latest film ‘The Perks Of Being A Wall Flower’? We love how her understated stained red lips and minimal eye makeup let her skin...

12/09/2012. Read now

Spotlight Treatment: Skin Rejuvenation

At Skin Health Spa we offer one of the most revolutionary, non-invasive skin rejuvenating treatments around. NLite is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates natural collagen to soften lin...

10/09/2012. Read now

The Importance Of Double Cleansing

There are three bits of skincare advice I will always stand by: Always use an SPF during the day Take fish oil capsules Double cleanse when you wash your face

04/09/2012. Read now

Spotlight Treatment: Ultimate Facial

This week we’re talking about one of our most sought after treatments – the ultimate facial. The treatment was designed by our world class therapists for one of our celebrity clients in...

04/09/2012. Read now

We Love Beauty Bloggers!

Here at Skin Health Spa we absolutely LOVE Beauty Bloggers! There’s nothing better than coming online and seeing a wonderful post by some of our favourite bloggers out there. Two that we&rsqu...

31/08/2012. Read now

DIY Beauty: Chocolate and Vanilla Bath Melts

Here at Skin Health Spa we love a spot of thrifty DIY beauty. Today we bring you one of our favourite bath time treats - Chocolate and Vanilla Bath Melts (yummy right?!) Here's how... YOU W...

29/08/2012. Read now

Spotlight Treatment: Enzyme Facial

Once a week we’re going to be featuring one of our brilliant treatments on the Skin Health Spa blog. Today, we’re talking all about our fabulous Enzyme Facial. A number of our celebrity...

24/08/2012. Read now

Sleeping Beauty: Do You Get Enough Beauty Sleep?

Nearly everyone will experience trouble sleeping at some point in their life but if you feel it’s becoming a regular problem I have a few tips and tricks you might be able to use to get you t...

21/08/2012. Read now

Youngblood Cosmetics: Now Available At Skin Health

On the 30th July our Manchester Clinic saw the launch of a very exciting new mineral cosmetic brand – Youngblood Cosmetics. Here at Skin Health Spa we love mineral cosmetics. Beaut...

19/08/2012. Read now

Beauty Crush: We want Millies gorgeous glow!

It’s official. Millie Mackintosh is, without a doubt, our new girl crush. Whether it’s her perfectly styled hair or her glowing sun kissed skin, here at Skin Health Spa we absolutely lo...

15/08/2012. Read now


Hello and a HUGE welcome to the brand spanking new blog from Skin Health Spa! My name is Rebecca and I’m delighted to be working with Skin Health Spa on their new venture into the world of bl...

12/08/2012. Read now