Men Only Treatments

Men Only Treatment CardGuys, the majority if not all our treatments apply to Men and to Women - even the treatments like bikini hair or wax removal treatments are for us men, only we call these Manscaping.

Okay, so we may be pushing it with Manscaping, but we do have a range of treatments specifically for men that we call Men-Only-Treatments.

Think of these like you would an M-O-T for your car only for your skin. Do it once or twice Our favourites are:

  • Facial treatments such as Microderm and Transderm,
  • The Refinery Facial
  • Laser or hair removal to keep your hairy areas in tidy condition.
  • Botox and Fillers work equally well on men as do deep cleansing facials
  • Take home skincare products
  • More serious treatments such as scarring and acne.

To kick start your skin regime we've put together a treatment package that our celeb's use frequently to keep their skin in tip top condition. The package includes three treatment visits.

So, arm yourself with an M-O-T card, book your first appointment, come along and change the way you see skin care and more importantly what great looking skin does for you. 

To find out more information about Men Only Treatments, please book a Consultation or call 0800 24 25 145. Download our London Price List or our Other Clinics Price List.

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Men Only Treatments is available in these Clinics
London - Marylebone yes
London - Spitalfields yes
Manchester yes
Dorridge, Birmingham yes
Nantwich, Cheshire yes