Sculptra Facial Contouring

Sculptra is a treatment used to replace volume in the face that is lost over time caused by ageing or to correct lines and folds and improve facial contours.

What areas can be treated with Sculptra?

Suitable for most areas of the face i.e. naso labial folds, cheeks and jaw line

How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra is injected in to the face and the injected volume immediately fills out the wrinkles. Within a few days the water is absorbed by the body and you will notice a slight increase in the wrinkle again. During the second phase of the treatment there will be a soft build-up of the connective tissue, which will smooth out winkles. The patient will return 6 weeks later to have their next treatment.

How many Sculptra treatments will I need?

Depending on the patient's age, quality of the skin and degree of volume loss patients can have between 3 and 5 sessions.

Will the treatment hurt?

A local anaesthetic is injected to numb the skin to prepare for the Sculptra treatment and to make it more comfortable for the patient. Sculptra is a series of injections to the area to be treated.

How long will the effect last for?

The effects of Sculptra can last for around 2 years.

Are your injectors qualified? 

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