What the Press say!

Skin Health Spa has consistently stayed in the press featuring in most of the publications in the UK. Check out our reviews, to see how we have stayed in the forefront of aesthetic innovations.

"There's few more competent than Bridget at Skin Health Spa in Marylebone. I'm now the proud owner of a perfect pair of hair free legs "

"Jane's understanding of skin and our ever facing challenges to maintain my best appearance are fully understood - just ask my husband"
Marie Claire

"After years of troubled skin it's refreshing to see clear and clean skin pimple free"
In Style

"Therapists are no-nonsense and knowledgeable. This is the place to come if you want to improve your skin"
London Lite

"Is there a better doctor in London? Possibly, but he makes my heart melt and he's actually very good with his hands"

"Dr Doe Eyes he certainly is - Angelina Jolie eat your heart out. Now girls pick-up the phone and ask for Dr B"

"The best for treating active acne spots and scarring - amazing!"
The Times

"My consultation was quick, painless and I was back at my desk within the hour with perfect skin"

"My eyes definitely look improved - they're fresher and lines have disappeared. The bonus is that my forehead isn't frozen and I don't look fake. What a change - I have the eyes I had ten years ago"
Woman & Home

"Dubbed the "Baby Botox Doctor" Dr B does "Botox-lite" which makes you look fresh and rested - plus I now have doe eyes to die for"

"Say goodbye to shaving, waxing and plucking for good!"

"By the end I am hair free for good, bar a neat little strip down the middle… and the money I will save from my monthly bikini waxes more than justifies the cost"

"I try not to say this too loud or too often, but Meso is the only thing that works on my cellulite and I've only ever been to Skin Health Spa on Wigmore Street
The Guardian

"It used to be my little secret, but no longer. Skin Health Spa's dermaroller treatment is wanted by more than just Angelina - first me and now all my friends "
Style Magazine