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Cristal Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Treatment



Here at Skin Health Spa we're proud to introduce our new 'WOW' treament, Cristal Cryolipolysis, Freeze those fat cells this autumn in order for the party season ahead!

What is Crystal Cryolipolysis?

It's technologhy based on the fact that the fat cells in our body are very sensitive to cold temperatures. At a certain temperature fat cells begin to die and our body naturally and gradually flushes them out.

It's non-invasive and designed to select and freeze fat cells through controlled cooling without damaging any of the surrounding tissue and after 6 weeks you should see a significant reduction!

What areas can be treated?

upper arms, love handles, saddlebags, lower/upper abdomen, thighs and knees! Long as you can squeeze it we can freeze it!

Whats happenining in a Cristal Crypolyposis session?

Your aesthetician will firstly do a consultation and then measure and mark the area you wish to be treated. Then they will apply a cryoprotectant gel to and sheet to the area to protect from any discomfort. Then the hand piece is placed on top of the treatment zone and the suction and cooling will begin, it may feel slightly uncomfotable for the first 5 minutes as your area freezes however after that there is nothing to do but relax! i recommend bringing a book or headphones to listen some music! When your time is up your aesthetician will massage the area to bring back to room temperature and help speed up the lymphatic and metabloic processes in the body.

How long does a session take?

A session with the Cristal Cryoliposis should take 60 minutes, freeze those fat cells while lying down and relaxing for the hour!

Whats the downtime?

As Cristal Cryolipolysis is non-invasive treatment there is no downtime what so ever! carry on as you would do on a normal day! The area you have had treated may feel a little tender, swollen and numb for a few days after, brusing can also occur but these all normal contra-actions and disappear after a couple of days 

When will i see results?

As the fat cells are gradually elimated from our body the results are not immediate, BUT you should see a difference 6-8 weeks after and you will continue to lose fat in the treated area in the following months.

How many sessions are needed?

The results vary from paitent to paitent, generally there is a fat loss of 30%-40% in the treated area after a single session, sometimes its necessary to treat the adjacent areas for a harmonious result. If you are not satisfised after your first treatment you can repeat the area 4-6 months after the first session.

Is it permanent?

YES! THE RESULTS ARE PREMANENT WOO! Similar to lipo once the fat cells are gone they are gone and it wont come back in that area, however if you not keep up with a healthy lifestyle and put weight back on it will go onto another area.


Come on and visit in clinic for a free consultation where our highly trained professional aestheticians can give you more in depth information on the treatment or any other concerns you may have ( this treatment is only available in our Nantwich and Manchester clinic's)