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Diary Of A Laser Hair Removal Course Treatment 1


One of our favourite bloggers Rebecca from Be Beautiful has undertaken a course of Laser Hair Removal treatments and she's happy to tell all so you guys can come along for the ride.

Laser hair removal has been something I’ve debating having for quite a while now. To be fair, who wouldn't want to never have to wax or shave again? To me, that would be a luxury.
Skin Health Spa, a brilliant spa and skin clinic company, invited me down to their City location to go ahead with a full course of laser hair removal treatment on an area of my choice. I decided to go with my underarms.
Before I could actually go ahead with the treatment I had to have a patch test. I was taken to one of their treatment rooms where the lovely therapist explained everyday to me. She explained how the treatment worked, that it was only suitable for certain skin and hair types and all the necessary after care that I needed to know in order for the treatment to be a success. She recommended a course of six treatments all spaced six weeks apart. A long time I know, but for amazing results. She then took me upstairs for the patch test. A small patch on my underarm was lasered so she could check I would respond well to the treatment. I got the thumbs up and booked in for my first session.
So about 3 weeks ago I had my first full treatment. Again I was taken to the treatment room and the laser hair removal began. Now I’m not going to say that it’s the most comfortable of treatments in the world but it’s definitely bearable. It sort of feels like someone is flicking a small elastic band against your skin. For my under arms and legs, this would be absolutely fine. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to get my bikini line done though Anyway, the treatment was relatively painless, was done in a quick ten minutes then I was sent on my way being told to avoid exercise (oh no!) and hot showers and baths for at least a day.
So far I’m beyond amazed at the results. After just one treatment my hair growth has significantly slowed down meaning I only have to shave my underarms once every fortnight.
If this is the results after just one treatment I can’t wait to see the results after a full course of 6.
So if you’re thinking of having laser hair removal I highly recommend you get yourself down to Skin Health Spa for a free consultation. They have clinics up and down the country (the girls in the Manchester one are LOVELY) and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all things laser.
*Treatment provided for the purpose of this review.
Content provided by Rebecca Lee from Be Beautiful.