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Dispelling Skin Myths


Every week we hear clients telling us 'they've heard this' or 'i've been told' that about skincare products and routines. A lot of the time this hearsay is inaccurate and misleading so we thought it was time to dispell the myths!

Myth 1 - Expensive skincare products work best for you 

It’s a common #skinmyths that the more you spend on skincare the better it is for your skin. Its worth remembering that there are are good and bad products in all price ranges and it's all about the formulation, not the price. Look out for active ingredients that are essential in making skin care products work. Always check what actives are in your products before you purchase and research their benefits. It’s also important to check the strength of active ingredients  i.e. lots of expensive over the counter products claim to contain Hyaluronic Acid but its such a small percentage included that it hardly benefits the skin at all.  

Myth 2 - The Higher the SPF, the Longer You Can Stay in the Sun

Sun Protection Factor isn’t an indication of how long a product protects you from the sun’s harmful UVB rays, it simply indicates how well it protects. The best sunscreen to look for is one labelled 'broad spectrum', this not only protects you from cancer-causing UVB rays but also from UVA rays which are known to increase fine lines and wrinkles.  Anything less than an SPF30 will not offer enough protection from the long term damage of the sun.  Any sunscreen will only be effective if it’s reapplied at least every two hours;and after swimming or perspiration from playing sports. #skinmyths

Myth 3 - All you need for hydrated skin is to drink 8 glasses of water per day

Skin needs hydration and water only takes you so far. While it's great for overall health, it is a small part of the picture when it comes to the quality of your skin. Using a good quality skincare range on a daily basis is vital to keep your skin looking its best. #skinmyths

That's all for round one but watch this space for more skin myths and truths coming soon. Remember you can book for a free advanced consultation at any of our Skin Health Spa clinics to get honest, professional advice on all types of skin care. Call 0800 24 25 145 to find your nearest clinic or click here to leave an enquiry here