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We are, however pleased to inform you that with immediate effect the clinics are now part of The sk:n Group who operate both sk:n Clinics and Destination Skin
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Product Spotlight: EyeBrite Serum


So the Xmas party season is over, and (maybe) the health kick has begun. You might be getting your early nights and detoxing like there’s no tomorrow, and if so, well done you!

However, if you suffer from dark and dry eyes, you can end up looking like you’ve had a night on the tequila slammers, when actually you’ve been positively saintly! There’s nothing worse than those ‘Have you been ill?’ ‘Ooh, you look tired!’ comments, especially when you’re in peak health. Whether it’s dark circles and puffiness, crow’s feet and milia, or just general dehydration and dullness, the part of your face that should be the brightest and most appealing can end up being the part you are most embarrassed about. So what can you do? Well, our therapists recommend lots of healthy lifestyle tips, but if you’re already getting your 8 hours a night and plenty of green tea (or not – maybe a caramel Frappuccino is just more your style!) and you’re not seeing much of an improvement, it looks like you need a bit of extra help.

But, like most people you may have tried every eye cream, oil and gel on the market…and not been very impressed. So is there really a miracle product that can perk up those pesky peepers?

Quite simply, yes – it’s called EyeBrite. A handy little eye serum from our very own Dermaquest range. A cosmeceutical range like Dermaquest is designed by top chemists and scientists to work deep within the skin and get to root of your problems, so there are no fragrances, no unnecessary additives, no gimmicks. Just a first class serum to brighten darkness around the eyes and deeply moisturise dryness, minimising your milia and fine lines.  Because EyeBrite is a cosmeceutical product, it penetrates right down to the dermal layer of the skin, to boost your hyaluronic acid (what’s that? Well, babies have 100% hyaluronic acid in their skin, which decreases as they get older, so that’s a clue) and moisture reserves, rather than just sitting on top of the skin like most high street products. The fact that it sinks in so deeply also means that it leaves the skin feeling fresh and firmed, rather than sticky and creamy. In fact, it is one of the only products we have found to be so richly moisturising while being totally non-greasy. EyeBrite also contains Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin (that IS a mouthful!) which is used around the world to increase circulation around the eyes, thus boosting oxygen, blood flow and nutrients to the eye area, which rapidly improves skin tone, hydration and soothes puffiness. A little goes a long way with effective serums, so just one small squeeze of your EyeBrite around the eyes morning and night should result in the brighter and smoother appearance and moisturised, hydrated feeling  you have been longing for.

So there you have it. A no-frills, beauty bag essential that does exactly what it says on the tin. Call into your local Skin Health Spa to grab yours (or give us a call to ask more). But until you get your EyeBrite, have a cocktail – well if you’re going to look peaky, you might as well earn it!