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Freckle Face Love or Loathe?


Niamh Spence wrote a great article a while back for Manchester Confidenital on the subject of freckles. We think it's great and wanted to share it with you as we feature in it...

Niamh Spence doesn’t know whether to embrace or cover her sun spots. 

FRECKLES are an opinion divider it seems.

Where some of us smear heavy coverage foundation on our faces in a bid to hide the little brown spots, there are some of us who love them. Some of us even think they’re cute.

As a child I hated my freckles and my pale skin, my redheaded sister hated hers even more. I used to hope they'd all join up and give me a permanent tan instead of a dot-to-dot look.

It's only as I'm now in my twenties that I've learnt to live with my sun spots. It has helped that many celebrities including top model and actress Olivia Munn, now choose to flaunt their freckles. With many prominent make-up artists and brands telling us they’re now ‘in’ this season, should we still hate them?

It remains to be seen whether a 'Freckle Pencil' is the new way to market a brown eyeliner or whether it really is as unique as Topshop claims.

Topshop have even recently released their own 'Freckle Pencil' for those who want to get in on the trend but haven't the natural smattering across their nose and cheeks. Boasting a marbled nib, it promises a realistic freckle and is a far cry from the days of schoolgirl fancy dress and drawing large oversized freckles across cheeks with Sharpie markers. 

It remains to be seen whether a 'Freckle Pencil' is the new way to market a brown eyeliner or whether it really is as unique as Topshop claims.

Yet whilst some are keen to freckle up, there are still those that want to hide their sun spots. In fact a quick Googling of "getting rid of freckles" brings up about 864,000 results, showing it's not only me who has been curious if she can get rid for good.

No amount of describing freckles as "kisses from the sun" will persuade their opinions and professional help has been sought. The old wives tale of taking lemon juice to the uneven brown dots has been cast aside (it doesn't work, dries your skin and burns in an acidic fashion) and medicine and cosmetics have taken over.

Skin Health Spa, which has a city centre Manchester branch, has been a helping hand for those ready to erase their freckles, speckles and in fact any pigmentation that's giving them bother.

Maxine Flint, owner of Skin Health Spa and the recently launched skincare line Flint + Flint, said: "This summer we've seen an upsurge in the number of people wanting to remove their freckles. This is a simple and pain free process. We offer a number of treatments which do this and also work to improve the overall appearance of your skin and reduce pore size."

She continued: "Freckles and sun spots are visible signs of sun damage and mean the pigmentation in your skin has changed colour. We'd recommend our customers try a skin peel." 

Skin peels might seem drastic but if you're serious about getting rid of your freckles and saving yourself from slapping on the heavy duty war paint, then heading down the professional route might be the best course.

Flint continued, "Six Obagi facial peels can help reduce the appearance of freckles. These acid peels gently resurface the skin removing the damaged outer laters and revealing fresh undamaged layers underneath.

"Think of your skin like layers of bark on a tree, the outer layer is weather damaged and the under layers are clear and smooth."

Facial peels start at £125 for a single treatment and you're recommended to book a discounted course of six. It's pricey but as we're often reminded beauty does cost. If hating your blemishes and freckles is becoming an issue then it may be a small price to pay.

Another option on offer at Skin Health Spa is laser treatment. A bold option to choose if you're serious about fighting freckles but Flint insists it can achieve impressive results and rid the pesky sun spots.

"Another popular treatment many of our customers are requesting is Laser Skin Rejuvenation – a course of rejuvenation treatments using a new Cynosure Emerge Laser," explained Flint. "Unlike facial peels, laser treatment doesn’t mean you shed layers of skin, the laser works on dark pigmentation and breaks it down into tiny particles.

"A course of six treatments spaced over four to six weeks works deeply into the skin and can achieve great results. The Emerge laser can be used on lots of different areas of the body and can also help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and scars."

Whilst I'm not particularly fond of my freckly face, arms and chest I'm not quite sure I'm ready to say goodbye for good with a laser treatment just yet. It seems it's either go hard or go home with treating freckles and I still can't fully decide whether I love or hate mine.

Love freckles but got none? Paint them (or pencil them to be correct) on. Hate your freckles and want them gone? Laser the little brown spots away. Either way it seems the beauty industry has got an answer for our freckley faces.

If you would like to find out more about our skin peels or our Laser Rejuvenation treatments visit our treatment pages. Or for a more detailed one-on-one consultation leave us an enquiry here.