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Go Green With Our Top Skin Foods This Paddys Day


Celebrate St Patricks day with a difference this year and treat your skin to some of these top emerald super foods. 

1. Avocado 

This wonder green fruit has become a bit of a 'buzz-food' over recent years and rightly so! Its widely known as a great source of vitamin E, which boosts the skin’s vitality and luminosity. Avocados also contain Vitamin C, which helps to reduce inflammation and aggravated red spots. The oil from an avocado is thought to stimulate collagen production and can also improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture so try and cram as many as you can in your diet or throw one in with your smoothie today for glowing skin!

2. Watercress

Watercree is a great garnish to add to any meal or salad, its peppery flavour adds a sharpness and cuts through richer foods nicely. Packed with antioxidants as well as minerals and potassium, watercress cleanses the body, flushes toxins and helps to clear skin of impurities. 

3. Broccoli

These lovely little florets are loaded with antioxidants like vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and K, which all help to luminate skin and revitalise tired or damaged skin tissue. Its contnet of fatty acids, calcium and folate support the skins healing process and aid the proper function of skin cells. Make sure you dont overcook your broccoli or most of the goodness will end up in the water! Steam or eat raw when possible. 

4. Peppermint

Nothing beats a cup of Peppermint tea when your stressed and need calming, but did you know it also has lots of great properties to keep your skin looking healthy. Known for its potent healing and calming properties, not only does it help aid digestion, relieve stress – a common acne aggravator – treat headaches and clear sinuses, but it’s seriously good for the skin, too. If you fancy a brew today of all days then reach for a green peppermint tea instead of the Tetley's and celebrate Paddys Day with a glow.

5. Kale

Kale is a great ingredient to throw into your green juices, it is one of the only fruits or vegetables thar has 100% nutritional value. Kale contains a full range of vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K, as well as potent levels of manganese, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, protein, folate and phosphorus (need we go on?). If you not a fan of juicing then whack some into a stir fry or simply wok some with garlic and soy sauce.

6. Green Tea

This antioxident power house is polyphenol-rich so a cup of green tea today will improve your skin no end and get your ready for an evening of celebrations. 

7. Nettle

Nettles aren't just those pesky plants you find in the woods that leave you with a nasty rash. Nettles in tea form, capsules or even soup, have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to calm the skin and improve conditions like eczema and acne. They also help detoxify the skin so ideal the next week if you've sampled a few guinness the night before! You'll thank us tomorrow. 


Sample a few of the green godesses this Paddys Day and although you may feel the hangover you certainly won't look it!