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Meet Guru Helen Fa


We are introducing Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments to our treatment list at our Manchester clinic.
At Skin Health Spa, with over a million treatments and complex skin consultations and treatments under our belt, we know a good practitioner when we see one!
So, we'd like to introduce you to our Guru Helen Fa!
Traditional Chinese Medicine FAQ's
We asked Helen to answer a few questions so you don't have too!
What is Chinese Traditional Medicine?


Chinese Traditional medicine is also called HAN medicine. It is the precious wealth of the Chinese nation and has made great contributions to the prosperity of the Chinese nation. The therapeutic concept of Chinese Traditional medicine is gradually accepted by the world. It contains two parts: Chinese medicine and Chinese herbology. The basic theories of Chinese medicine include Yin and Yang, five elements, Yunqi, viscera state, meridian, etc. Chinese herbology is the plant, animal and mineral that is used to prevent and cure diseases based on the theory of Chinese medicine.

What benefits can Chinese Traditional Medicine give clients? What are the best results you have seen with a client over your time of treating?


Firstly, the important thing about Traditional Chinese medicine is that everyone is individual so that means for each treatment is different.Secondly, traditional Chinese herbology uses only pure natural herbs and minerals, environmental and recycled friendly, so there is less chance of any adverse side effects. Thirdly, no worries for addiction. It seems strongest in areas where western medicine is weakest-namely, chronic disease - it actually helps patients rebuild their body balance to eventually to balance Yin and Yang.  It has also been more than 5,000 years since Tuina massage therapy appeared. The theoretical basis of massage therapy is guided by the theory of viscera and meridian of traditional Chinese medicine. Meridian is the general name of the meridians and collaterals in the human body. It is the pathway of qi and the blood flow, they are closely connected to each other in the human body, the internal organs, outer body/skin, thus constitutes a complete circulatory system. If the blood circulation runs smoothly, people stay naturally healthy, and if the blood flow is blocked, people get a disease. Massage therapy has the ability to balance the meridian and the Yin and Yang, so as to maintain a healthy state.

How does Traditional Chinese Medicine differ to Western Therapies?


The understanding of Traditional Chinese medicine is macroscopic, holistic, perceptual, abstract, without concrete, quantitative standards. Meant nothing but not. For example, meridians, pulse condition is a kind of feeling, countless facts prove that this feeling is true and reliable, can be used as the basis for modulation sickness or method. Let western medicine don't understand is, for a disease, such as headache, Chinese medicine treatment is not confined to the head, more can on foot, or other parts and treatment effect is good. Western medicine is an individual. Rational, specific, there is one or more quantitative criteria, such as blood pressure, blood protein quantity, inflammation, etc. Western medicine is generally regarded as a disease.

How long have you been performing Traditional Chinese Medicine and what raised your interest to start doing Traditional Chinese Medicine?

I started to learn Traditional Chinese medicine, when I was in the third year of university, although my interest was raised by my grandpa’s father being a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor. I learned the traditional Chinese medicine from my university for three years and at that moment I realised that it is totally different from Western medicine, I found Traditional Chinese medicine very interesting and full of imagination

What made you want to move to the UK?

For better education and environment

What treatment do you love performing the most and why?

Craniosacral therapy and facial treatments, as it can bring an immediate mental and physical effect, which for me is rewarding.

Why did you want to collaborate with Skin Health Spa?

When one of the Managing Directors of Skin Health Spa Mr.Flint worked in the USA, he got to know my father’s best friend in university - Mrs Chen - a dentist living California. Mrs Chen then introduced my father and I to him. Then last year Mr.Flint came to China talking about his concept of skin care, and I completely agreed with him, so I decided to join!


There you have it -If you have any questions please let us know!
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