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Our Guide to Skincare While Flying


According to research more and more of us are escaping the British Winter by jetting off to warmer climates or hitting the sunny slopes these days. But all that extra air time can cause havoc with your skin so here's our guide to making sure you're skin stays looking great after clocking up those air miles.

Recyled air is low in humidity and tends to suck moisture out of the skin so hours on a plane can leave your skin dry, dhydrated and sometimes cracked. In worse cases people can even experience flakiness, itching and redness. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to counteract these effects, so you skin not only looks at its best on your holiday but that you are also more comfortable.

To keep your skin from suffering, try these tips:

  • Prepare. The night before your flight, gently exfoliate your skin and then apply a rich moisturizing mask. Exfoliation helps clear out dead skin cells and unclog pores so your skin can accept moisture better. Remember—your body skin can suffer dryness as well, so this would be a good time to do some dry skin brushing and apply nourishing body cream.
  • Watch your diet. Foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt are dehydrating to the entire body, and can cause inflammation in the skin. Try fresh fruit for snacks on the go and have an avocado before your flight (a skin superfood), which will pack your skin with nutrients.  Alcohol and caffeine while traveling can also dry out your system so take a water bottle and sip frequently. Don’t let your body get dehydrated as this can dry out your skin, too.
  • Pack right. Take hand cream, face cream, hydrating mist, and lip balm with you. Just be sure all are under travelsize (under 100mls) so you can carry them on board. Apply them frequently whilst traveling—more frequently than you normally would.
  • Use less makeup. The dryer your skin gets, the higher the risk of your makeup looking patchy and dry. Avoid wearing heavy foundations and powders. Use a nourishing moisturizer and perhaps a BB or CC cream and a moisturizing lip gloss or tinted balm. This leaves your face skin free for extra moisturizing on the go. Think twice about mascara as it can dry your eyes and make them itchy or smudge on your skin if you fall asleep. 
  • Make sure you have the right hydrating mist. Regular water spritzed on your face may feel good during a long flight, but it’s actually makes your skin more dry as soon as it evaporates, unless you put moisturizer on almost immediately afterward. Try a nourishing spray instead, with moisturizing ingredients in it. It’s more likely to leave your skin feeling comfortable, not parched. If you follow with moisturizer on damp skin, you’ll stay hydrated for longer.

  • Protect. Make sure you’re still using sunscreen to protect from damaging UV rays. (Choose safer options like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.) Plane windows do not filter out this light, so you’re still vulnerable, and even closer to the sun when flying at 30,000+ feet. In addition, your skin is more exposed to radiation at these heights, so consider using a moisturizer that contains natural antioxidants like vitamin E, vitamin C, plant ingredients, and natural oils like jojoba and olive.
  • Turn off the air blower. Unless you’re really warm or are concerned about breathing in germs from those near you, turn off the air blower over your head. It’s very drying for your skin and eyes.
  • Put only clean hands and fingers on your face. Your hands are full of oils, bacteria, and germs. If you touch your face without washing them immediately beforehand, you’ll transfer these bugs to your skin, increasing risk of acne and infections. When you want to apply moisturizer, wash your hands first, either in the airplane restroom or with a moisturizing antibacterial wipe. 

Follow these top tips to keep your skin looking at its best from the start to the finish onf you holiday. If you have any traveling tips we'd love to hear about them: [email protected] 

Happy travels!