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Post Beard Skin Recovery


As Father's Day approaches we turn our attention to male grooming, perticulary post-beard skin recovery to help get skin looking great after months or years of being hidden behind facial hair!

Beards have been massively en vogue and many men conformed throughout 2014 but all trends come to an end. Plenty of men have already taken the chop.

Months of missed exfoliation and clogged pores means their skin can be left in a poor state – luckily UK skin care experts Skin Health Spa is on hand to advise about how to help their skin recover.

Male skin is slightly tougher and more textured than women’s so a different skin care regime needs to be adopted. With this in mind, these essential treatments are designed to leave a man’s skin revitalised, clear and refreshed.


The one thing that men won’t have missed from shaving is the appearance of in-growing hairs. Banishing the beard means that these irritating hairs may well reappear. An exfoliating Microdermabrasion targets rougher male skin and a treatment once per month will help to control dead and dry skin as well as reduce the risk of in-grown hairs from regular shaving.


Once pores are cleared and dead skin cells in stratum cornuem have been dealt with its time to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. Transderm® is a proven mechanical facial system and a hand held device that uses electrical pulses to aid and improve trans-dermal or deep epidermis delivery of hydrating and nutritional products into the skin. In simple terms it allows us to penetrate product deeper into the skin where it needs to be and not leave it sitting on the skins surface as with normal application. An added bonus with the treatment is that it also tightens and firms facial muscles that could previously only be achieved through surgery! Bonus!

A Good Daily Routine

Your newly exposed skin is now on show for all to see and you want it looking healthy. The benefits of a good skin care regime are clear so we recommend using a good Glycolic Cleanser daily, Try Flint + Flint Glycolic Cleanser to resurface and purify with a salon quality glycolic for a fresher feel, clearer complexion and smoother more radiant looking skin. Follow with a Moisturiser that hydrates and also packs the skin with antioxidants protecting it from daily aggressors – regenerating the skin everyday. The Skin Health Spa experts offer free consultations to help you create the perfect daily skincare routine and recommend products that are best suited to your skin.

Last But Not Least keep fine lines and wrinkles in check. Wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers are a simple, safe and effective treatment to improve frown lines, folds and creases around the face. Restore, enhance and define your features in no time!

For more information or to book a free consultation visit: https://skinhealthspa.com/home