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We are, however pleased to inform you that with immediate effect the clinics are now part of The sk:n Group who operate both sk:n Clinics and Destination Skin
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Rebecca Moss Treatment Review


The lovely Manchester based beauty blogger Rebecca Moss came into our new flagship clinic last to give her verdict on the Microdermabrasion treatment......

I was invited by the lovely people at the Manchester branch of SkinHealthSpa to have a treatment done at their lovely new premises in St James’ Square. I arrived for my consultation looking a bit rushed and disheveled, but all that disappeared when I walked through the door into the reception area of the spa.

When you first walk in you are greeted with a smile, and invited to sit down in the waiting area in front of the impressive wall of products.

After a little wait and a short form to fill out, I was invited into one of the treatment rooms for my consultation.

My make-up was cleansed off and my skin thoroughly inspected – I was a bit embarrassed, because I had a really big spot in the middle of my chin (cleverly hidden with some concealer). I had nothing to be embarrassed about, all the girls who work in the spa are lovely and put you completely at ease.

It turns out that I have pretty good skin, apart from some congestion around my chin, nose and forehead – so Microdermabrasion was recommended for me.

I had heard of Microdermabrasion before, but I wasn’t too sure about what it actually was so here is what I found out!

What is Microdermabrasion and how does it work?

Microdermabrasion is where a jet of fine crystals are vacummed across the skin removing blackheads and dead and dry skin cells. It is really good for congested skin (like mine) as it exfoliates all the dry skin off that can make you look sallow and ashy.

My therapist (who is lovely) began the treatment by running the Microdermabrasion vacuum over my forehead. It doesn’t hurt at all it just feels like a very gentle sandpaper being run over my skin. The vacuum was worked methodically around different areas of my face, with more attention paid to the worst areas (forehead, chin and nose areas).

My skin felt a bit hot and tight straight after the treatment, but when the cooling gel mask was put on this went away really quickly and felt amazing.

Some crystals are left on the skin, which are exfoliated off with the rehydrating mask at the end of the treatment.

The Verdict

My skin feels so soft and smooth, the congestion lumps on my forehead have completely gone and my chin and nose feel so much smoother and my pores look tighter and less noticeable.

This morning, it was an absolute breeze to put my make-up on. The foundation and concealer that normally goes dry and cakey after about 2 hours stayed smooth and glowy. My pores are SO much less noticeable, and my make-up doesn’t sink into them as much now. I didn’t need to use my usual make-up primer, which is one less product on my face in the morning.


Skin rejuvenates every 28 (or so) days, so its vital that this treatment is repeated on a regular basis to keep the positive effects looking great.

Exfoliation is the key to keeping blackheads away, so I decided to buy the GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating mask to keep my promise to my skin. No more blackheads allowed on THIS face!

I would definitely go back to the Skin Health Spa in Manchester, it is a lovely clinic and all the people who work there are really nice, and discreet about any skin worries or problems that you might have.

A quick note about Milia Removal

I sometimes get really stubborn white lumps under my eyes and at the top of my cheeks (Milia) which are really painful if you try and squeeze them. The Skin Health Spa offer a really unique service – they have a nurse who deals with all these kind of skin problems.

Skin Health Spa Manchester

7 St James’s Square,


M2 6DN

Telephone: 0161 833 4224

Email: [email protected]

W: https://skinhealthspa.com/manchester-clinic

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