Skincare Rewards by Skin Health Spa

Because we believe that your loyalty deserves rewarding

Our Skincare Rewards earns you free treatments, great offers and priority service. Just pick up a Skincare Rewards Card on your next treatment and start earning Angel Points that can be exchanged for treatment vouchers straightaway.


Member Benefits

  • Collect 3 points for every £1 you spend
  • Enjoy 10% off retail priced treatments and retail products throughout the year
  • Birthday Treats – treatment vouchers for you on your special day.
  • Double and triple points opportunities.
  • Exclusive 'first look' at the latest treatments and products.
  • Earn extra points for family and friend referrals.
  • Member only events and much, much more

The more points you earn, the bigger the Rewards you receive!

Skincare Rewards

As your Angel Points balance grows, so will your rewards.

You will earn 3 Angel Points for every £1 that you spend at Skin Health Spa, as well as enjoying the other benefits shown above.Once you have earned 1500 points (i.e. have spent £500) you can claim a £15 Voucher. As you earn more points, your vouchers will increase:

Spend Points Treatment Voucher
£500 1500 £15
£1000 3000 £30
£2000 6000 £60
£5000 15000 £150

What our Members say...

My Skincare Rewards card is great! Bring on the free treatments and vouchers!
My points are adding up already and I'm nearly ready to redeem my first reward.
I only booked a course of Wrinkle Relaxing Injections and I earned enough points to get a free treatment straightaway


How do I sign up for Skincare Rewards?

We would like to reward all our clients, so we will automatically enroll you in to skincare rewards program when you use our services.

Where can I get a Skincare Reward Card from?

Cards are available, free of charge, from any Skin Health Spa Clinic. You must have already had an appointment, or have got an appointment booked with us to become a member.

What if I loose my Skincare Rewards card?

Pick up another card on your next visit and we'll link the cards together. Your Rewards will only be sent by post to the address that is registered against your card, so there is no chance of losing your Rewards.

What is I move house or change my personal or contact details?

In the first instance, always tell the clinic, but you should also login to your account on the Skincare Rewards website and update your details online.

How do I receive my rewards?

Login to your account, choose the Redeem Rewards Option and choose the voucher amount that you would like to redeem. Make sure that your email address shown is correct. We'll email your Reward Vouchers to you.

Any other questions?

Email us at and we'll do our best to help!