We would like to inform our clients that the Flint + Flint clinics and Skin Heath Spa clinics are no longer in business, after going into administration.
We are, however pleased to inform you that with immediate effect the clinics are now part of The sk:n Group who operate both sk:n Clinics and Destination Skin
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NEWS! We are having a non-surgical facelift


We are currently celebrating our 20th year in business having started Skin Health Spa in 1999 at 87 Wigmore Street, London, which at the time was one of few Laser Aesthetic clinics in London let alone in the UK.  We are a few months away from opening our 8th clinic and we’ve performed close to 2 million treatments. 

Over the years Skin Health Spa has added further clinic locations and constantly developed the treatment offering to stay one of the UK's leaders in aesthetic treatment. We like to think over the years we’ve helped shape the industry, by creating less medical and more boutique clinics. We constantly like to challenge 'the norm' and keep evolving to exceed our client's expectations. 

So, it's with this in mind that are we taking the decision to 'have a little something done' and to move away from the Skin Health Spa brand. 

We feel like the industry, is ready for a change. From the way in which clinics look and feel, to experience we want to move away from the generic. Being the same as everyone else is no way to live your life and no way to stand out in a crowd.

Over the last few years, we’ve developed another brand called Flint + Flint brand.  Flint + Flint as some of you may be familiar with, was created as a skincare range by our husband and wife team Maxine and Adam Flint.  After the initial success with the product range, we tested the concept of a Flint + Flint clinic with a four-room clinic within Harvey Nichols in Manchester. Twelve months later we opened the doors to flagship clinic at The Mailbox in Birmingham. 

The feedback we've had has been fantastic, not only do our clients love it but it attracts a much wider group of people who want to take their skin health seriously. Men don't feel intimidated walking into the clinic and booking a treatment, younger clients enjoy the cool Instagram-worthy features and our staff love working somewhere unique. As such we’ve taken the decision to rebrand our Skin Health Spa clinics into a chain of Flint + Flint clinics.


So, what's the difference?

In terms of our extensive treatment offering, expert staff and great-value rewards and benefits... nothing!

We designed these concept clinics to be different and different they are! We call it an 'anti-spa' for good reason. There's no white, no glossy, no chrome and no wood. Think dark and moody, hot neons and textured surfaces. 

One-by-one we'll be working our way across the UK revamping our clinics into new Flint + Flint concept clinics. All your favourite treatments will remain but in a new funky space. 

Check out these pictures of our Birmingham and Harvey Nichols, Manchester clinic for a taste of what's to come and watch this space! 


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