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Skin Supplements - Whats it all about?


Navigating your way through a health field shop can often be a mind field. Its well documented that there are many vitamins and minerals that can help in maintaining healthy skin, hair, teeth, bones, in fact the list is endless but where do you start?

At Skin Health Spa we know about one thing...skin, its what we do best so although we can't help in giving you the full run through on all the supplements you could take for your general health and body, we can help with suggesting the best and most effective supplement you can take to improve the appearance of your skin. With 60 active clinically proven ingredients, Biocorrex is the most advanced formula in the market today and it actually does what it says on the tin: clearly visable results on your skin. 

Why Would I Need A Skin Supplement?

Busy, demanding lifestyles, increased polution amd nutritionally deficient foods, can lead to your skin needing more than creams and serums, sometimes you need to heal from the inside as well as the outside. Biocorrex works more effectively from the inside, targeting the causes of wrinkles, fine-lines, dry, blemished and pigmented skin. 

What Makes Biocorrex Different From The Others?

Biocorrex have created the ultimate anti-ageing skin supplement, Skin Beauty TM, it combines 5 impotant elements of skin care to offer a full circle skin health. 

  • The Anti-wrinkle capsule - INTER-SERUM
  • The Hydrate and Firm capsule - SKIN-PLUMP
  • The Radiate Capsule - WHOLE VITALITY
  • The Protect Capsule - SUNCORREX
  • The Nourish Capsule - SKIN FOOD 

The ground-breaking formula neutralises free-radical oxidatuve stress, gives UV protection and nutrients to stimulate skin renewal as well as hyaluronic acid to hydrate, collagen precursors to strenghten, essential enzymes, amino acids, minerals, probiotics and superfoods. 

How Often Do I Take Them? 

Each box of Biocrorrex Skin Beauty TM contains 28 sachets (4 weeks supply in total), each containing the 5 above mentioned individually formulated capsules. You take one sachet per day and your covered for all your skin care supplment needs, its so easy to throw a sachet in your bag each monring and take the capsules after your breakfast or lunch. 

Want To Take It One Step Further? Biocorrex have recently added some more products to their range to include a Collagen Powder to boost skin collagen to lessen fine lines and deep wrinkles in 6-12 weeks and a Omega 3 Oil capsules (containing the highest anti-aging, skin enhancing, EPA dose in the industry) using fish oils to build the skins barrier keeping skin soft and moisturised. 

I Want To Find Out More About Biocorrex? 

Don't just take our word for it, do your own research into Biocorrex ingredients, doses and trademarked combinations and compare to any other brand. All Skin Health Spa clinics stock Biocorrex and we offer free consultations service to work out a full package that will benefit your skin. To book one or check stock simply call us on 0800 24 25 145 or click here. 

Their customers agree, read all their review on their website here: http://biocorrex.com/products/skin-beauty
Lisa J Miller
79 reviews
"I can hand on heart say this is one of only 5 or 6 beauty products that really made a difference to my old (42 year old) skin!"