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We are, however pleased to inform you that with immediate effect the clinics are now part of The sk:n Group who operate both sk:n Clinics and Destination Skin
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Sleeping Beauty: Do You Get Enough Beauty Sleep?

Nearly everyone will experience trouble sleeping at some point in their life but if you feel it’s becoming a regular problem I have a few tips and tricks you might be able to use to get you to the land of nod quicker. It’s so important to get enough sleep as it can have a domino effect on your skin, health and general wellbeing. So here are my top suggestions…


Pop on your favourite face mask a couple of hours before bed. Lie down for a good 15-20 to let the mask do its work and so you can relax and unwind. A lot of people put a facemask on then continue to do odd jobs etc. By doing this you won’t experience the full effect of the mask.


Chamomile and Lavender are two natural ingredients that can be used to relax the body and mind - they also happen to be great in a bath! Run your bath as normal (make sure the water isn’t too hot) then drop a couple of camomile tea bags in the water and leave to infuse for 5 minutes. Squeeze the teabags then remove. Add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil and some Epsom salts then jump in and enjoy for a good 20 minutes.


As mentioned, lavender is a fantastic relaxing extract. Put a couple of drops in a spritzer bottle and then top up with some distilled water and you’ve got yourself a homemade lavender pillow spray.


Again, chamomile is a great option here. People often talk about drinking hot milk. I personally think this is a bit too heavy on the stomach just before bed so I tend to opt more for an herbal tea if I’m going to have one. There are even some herbal teas on the market specifically designed for helping to ease you off to the land of nod!


If you find yourself to be one of those people that has a million things running through your mind at night try keeping a notepad next to your bed. When you think of something that’s important quickly jot it down so it's off your mind.

I will openly admit that I’m not the best sleeper, I can spend hours tossing and turning in the night. I can’t promise these steps will cure insomnia but they should help you get a step closer to a more relaxed state meaning that a good nights sleep is more likely to be on the cards!