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Tales Of Timler Reviews Our Louie Facial


Earlier this month we invited Tim from Tales of Timler to our Manchester clinic to have his first ever facial. He agreed, signed up to 'The Louie' and here's what he thought...

Louie Spence & My First Facial

As you might be aware, this blog isn't really a male beauty blog. I'm a lad who likes to care for his appearance - I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with my hair, but you won't find me buying moisturisers and face serums over the counter. But, after a long five days out in the sun at Glastonbury, I forgave myself a little pampering and treated myself to my very first facial.

But not just any facial. I thought, if I'm going to delve into the world of men's grooming, why not go all in. So, rather than grabbing a brillo pad and some exfoliator, I booked myself in for what some might refer to as the most 'fabulous' sounding treatment going at the Skin Health Spa in Manchester. The treatment in question is 'The Louie' and is named after dancing queen, Louie Spence, who endorses and helped develop the process.

So onto The Louie and the Skin Health Spa angels. For a first-time health spa visitor, the experience was extremely relaxing. Their clean, boudoir-esque interiors mean that you instantly feel like your in the lap of luxury, and that this really is a treat. Not the first thing that I was thinking about pre-treatment, but just taking 45 minutes out to sit in a quiet, slightly darkened room after a hectic day at the office really can make a world of difference to your mood - there's a joke about wanting to fall asleep after a facial in there but I'm not willing to make it.

The technicians really know their stuff as well - there's a story behind every treatment and exactly what they're putting onto/into your skin. The Louie itself starts off with a round of microdermabrasion, which I can only describe as skin buffing using tiny crystals to take away that top layer of skin which traps all the dirt and grime. The equipment they use looks a little like the moisture vacuum you might find at the dentist but feels a lot better, and is a chemical-free treatment so all good for the skin!

Following that, it's a bit closer to that T-zone scene in Friends. The microdermabrasion clears away all the crap, which allows the mudmask they then apply to give your skin the boost you think it needs. Again, it's a chemical-free approach and the mask contains lots of lovely natural ingredients, like volcanic ash. From which volcano though, my technician wasn't entirely sure - you can't have everything in this world, can you?

There's also a whole heap of facial massaging going on and, as the mask dries, you can feel your skin tightening and becoming a little more glorious than when you went in. The mask is then peeled and then, stopping short of making a grandiose liking to butterflies and cocoons, you're face is as comfortable as fresh bedsheets.

So, from my first Louie Spence facial - which is a lot less 'pump, pump, squirt' than the name suggests - I can definitely see why there's a market for this kind of thing. It's a 'men only' treatment which might not necessarily appeal to the 'man's man' market but is something worth considering. Skinhealth Spa reckon around 40% of their clients are men and, given the number of male grooming blogs out there, it's becoming a massive market. After all, why shouldn't men look after themselves? Recent research suggests that over half of us use at least six grooming products a day and, based on the difference in the feel of my skin after just one session, I'll definitely be giving mine a little more attention.

So there you have it! Facials and taking care of your skin isn't just for the female of the speciies. To take the plunge and book in for your first facial contact your nearest clinic on 0800 24 25 145 or to find out more about the any of our facial treatments leave an enquiry here. 

Thanks for the lovely review Tim, hope to you see at the clinic again soon.