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The Impact Of Pollution On Your Skin


Your skin has an enemy, one that you dont see and its around you all the time and can be as damaging as the sun. What is it? .... Pollution. 

Pollution can cause skin to dehydrate, show signs of premature ageing and result in a dull complexion. Air pollutants such as exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, smog, and even dust all have a negative impact on skin. Pollution increases the number of free radicals (unstable molecules which attack DNA), which rob the skin of oxygen and other nutrients. This can lead to pigmentation (discoloured patches of skin) and uneven skin tone, not to mention fine lines and wrinkles that can make your skin look old beyond its years. 

Very small particle of pollution touch the surface of your skin, damaging tissue and poking tiny little holes in collagen so it no longer has the thickness and resistent structure it once had. Once your barrier is broken down it has access to damage and leave pigmented marks on cheeks, forehead and nose. A study by the journal of Investigative Dermatology backs this up with their study of traffic pollution and their findings which saw up to a 20% increase in pigmentation spots from participants who lived in more traffic-heavy areas. 

So what can we do to prevent pollution damaging our skin? 

The answer ... Antioxidants. Anti-Oxidant literally means little molecules against rust. These valuable vitamins slow down oxidative damage by 'mopping' up free radicals, limiting the effect they can have on the skin. 

So how can we use Antioxidants? 

Eating a diet rich with the antioxidant nutrtients, or taking them in supplement form is one way. They are found in many fruit and vegtables (look for the brightly coloured ones as they have the highest levels) and nourishing the skin from the inside is just as important as what we apply topically (creams and lotions) because inflammation starts internally. 

Examples of food rich in antioxidants: 







As well as editable antioxidants we advise all our clients to apply antioxidants topically as this will help to give your skin extra protection. Creams containing free-radical destroyers like Vitamin-C, Vitamin E and Alpha Lipoic acid come into their own offering repair and protection. Creams containing this key skin nutrients improve the 'horny' outer layer of the skin, making it more resistant to environmental pollution. 

We recommend Flint + Flint Serum, a multi-mineral skin supplement serum containing high concentration of purified actives and Vitamin-C to protect, nourish and repair. Follow with Flint + Flint Moisturiser which is rich in lipids, advanced antioxidants and Glycofilm® to protect from daily agressors. 

Once a month treat your skin to a Flint + Flint Facial treatment at your nearest Skin Health Spa to give your skin a boost and build further resistance to environmental damage. With one of our tailored Mrs.Flint or Mr.Flint facial, which incorporate the above mentioned products, you can not only be safe in knowledge that your skin will be fullt protected but also enjoy an indulgent spa experience. 

So, whether your a city dweller or live in countryside, protecting your skin from pollution is key. Antioxidants are a powerful weapon in the fight against free radicals, by applying them topically and orally will help to keep your skin looking healthier and younger for longer.