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Transitional Skincare - Heading Into Autumn


Summer may seem like its been a non-event this year but its probably time to accept that Autumn is well and truly upon us. A change of season requires a change in skincare routine, weather can effect our skin more than you think. 

September is the perfect time to re-assess your current skincare routine, figure out what's working, what's not and what will work better for your skin over the harsh and colder months. 

So how do you adopt an Autumn/Winter skincare routine? 

Dry Skin 

Dull, dry skin forms when there is dehydration and dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin. One obvious switch you can make in the colder months is to ditch your normal day cream/moisturiser and use an intensified nourishing cream (or even a night cream!) to help your skin fight against central heating, harsh winds and a lack of Vitamin C. 

To shed dead and dry skin quickly book regular Microdermabrasion Facial treaments to clear build up of those dead skin cells and fresh, glowing skin cells underneath. 


Autumn and Winter are the seasons we are most prone to spots. Breakouts are increased during these months because the oil flow in the skin during the summer months is still occurring, but the cooler air is creating layers of dead skin cell build-up. The result is trapped oil and bacteria underneath the surface of the skin resulting in increased breakout activity.

Use a daily Glycolic Cleanser (we love Flint+Flint's as it has 12% Glycolic Acid) to help dissolve dead skin cells that trap the skins oils. Glycolic Acid is a highly soluble fruit acid thats derived from sugar caned and is also great at helping to reduce teh appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - bonus! 

For an instant skin boost we'd recommend a monthly skin peel to reduce pore size and remove excess oils from the skin. Glyolic, Salicylic, Pumpkin and Vitamin A peels are all great and have lots of other skin benefits depending on your concerns, for example Vitamin A peels also work on improving uneven skintone or pigmentation. 


Certain cosmetic procedures, particularly laser treatments, should be avoided during the summer months because excessive heat and sun exposure can lead to increased skin sensitivity, pigmentation problems and even scarring when there is a lack of care covering the area post treatment. So with Summer out of the way these are the ideal treatment courses to undergo in Autumn/Winter....

Laser Hair Removal 

If you've wasted hours over the warmer months shaving, waxing and threading then September is a great time to invest in a course of Laser Hair Removal. We need the best contrast possible between the skin colour and the hair follicle colour to get the best results and Laser treatments can't be performed on tanned skin (fake or real) so take advantage whilst the weather is cold to get rid of your unwanted body or facial hair once and for all. Also you won't have to worry about keeping the treated area out of sunlight when you're curled up on the sofa most evenings. 

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing 

There is no better time to start Laser Skin Rejuventation. Each course can take a few months to get opitimum results, so start now for picture perfect skin come Christmas. A course of laser or IPL will also help to reverse and undo any sun damage that has occured over the Summer months. The Laser penetrates through the surface of the skin, creating microscopic wounding within the dermis. This spurs new collagen production and remodels skin to a healthier state. 

Vascular Treatments or Thread Vein Removal 

Its rare we get our legs out in Winter so its the perfect time to zap those pesky broken veins. Laser thread vein removal works in a similar way to hair removal so no sun exposure and no tanned skin means its best to start now and be ready to flash those pins next Spring. 


Last but not least - Stay Active

We're all guilty of hibernating when the weather turns cold but try to stay active. Your skin needs fresh air so whether its a winter walk or brisk jog round the park, its important to exercise and give our skin a blast of crisp Winter air. 

For more advice on how to look after your skin throughout Autumn and Winter book a free consultation at your nearest clinic on 0800 24 25 145 or book online: https://skinhealthspa.com/free-consultation