We would like to inform our clients that the Flint + Flint clinics and Skin Heath Spa clinics are no longer in business, after going into administration.
We are, however pleased to inform you that with immediate effect the clinics are now part of The sk:n Group who operate both sk:n Clinics and Destination Skin
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Treatment Spotlight: Emerge Laser for Stretch Marks


Have you got pesky stretch marks that you want to get rid of in time for summer? Is 2015 the year to kick them to the curb once and for all? We'd all like to be able to wear whatever we like without worrying about stretch marks being on show whether its a sleeveless top, skirts or even a bikini. 

We have the answer. The new EMERGE™ Laser can improve the most challenging scars and help to correct a wide variety of other skin imperfections including stretch marks. You can have almost anywhere on the face or body treated, particularly areas with stretch marks, scarring, pigmentation and skin irregularities.

But how does it work? 

EMERGE™ Fractional Laser drives thousands of individual columns of light (about the width of a hair) deep into the epidermis and down into the dermis layer of the skin, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected, healthy and able to stimulate collagen – the basic building blocks or structural support of our skin.

The microscopic columns of treated skin are eliminated slowly over many weeks as they are replaced by healthy new tissue. The body’s natural healing process then rebuilds the treated tissue with healthy tissue containing new collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of smooth-looking skin.

What can you expect from your treatment? 

Before you start any of your treatments, your Aesthetician will carry out a full skin assessment to determine how best to treat your skin, this can very based on your skin type, tone, sensitivity etc. You will need a patch test on the area a minimum of 5 days before your first treatment to test the precise amount of energy and coverage for your particular concern. Providing your skin responded well to the patch test, we will treat the full area and sometimes may even pass over the same area 2-3 times depending on the depth of the scars. 

After the treatment, we may use a cooling gel if you are in any discomfort and of course protect your skin with an SPF30 to protect it against harmful rays as your skin will have increased sensitivity for  couple of days post treatment. If you stretch marks are in an area that wont be exposed to the sun this may not be nessesary. 

You can expect to experience a temporary redness, warmth and minor swelling at the treatment site – similar to sunburn – which typically lasts approx. 24 hours, however the area may appear slightly reddened for a maximum of a few days. Some clients also experience dry, flaky skin – this is the shedding of the old cells, which become rough as they make their way out of the skin. We recommend a keeping the area hydrated during this time, around 2 weeks post Emerge treatment.

The Emerge fractional Laser can be used to treat all areas of the body including full face for rejuvenation purposes so call into your nearest clinic or fill out this quick form online to enquire and book a free consultation.