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Wedding Season Is Here


As we head into the milder months, the wedding season kicks back into full swing with an army of brides and their bridal parties looking for the perfect finishing touches with their appearance.

When it comes to planning a wedding to planning, the bridal party's skin, nails and make-up are often relegated to the bottom of the list behind more pressing items such as the wedding stationar, venue options, dresses and cake trials. So we're on hand with some tips to ensure your complexion shines on your wedding day. 

Plan Ahead

Don't leave it until 2 weeks before the wedding to start thinking about treatments. Speak with your therapist 6 months before your big day to establish a skincare plan and resolve any skin issues to ensure plain sailing on the day of the wedding. This includes brow treatment and wedding makeup!

Most skin courses can take several months to complete and to achieve desired results. Skin peels and resurfacers for example, which help to reduce pore size, even out skintone and revitalise your complexion can only be performed once every two weeks (6 treatments normally recommended) so you will need to start your treatment plan well in advance of the wedding. Similarly with course of Microdermabrasion to remove dead and tired skin cells. 

Srike A Pose

When you are having your trail makeup and hair done always try to take a picture. This way when its all removed or washed out you still have a record that you can refer back to see if you still like it after 2 weeks. We all know how quickly we can change our minds especially when it comes to hair styles. Your skin can also look very different on photographs so its a good idea to see how it will look when photographed - there are lots of treatments and quick fixes available to smooth out lines and creases where make up can collect and sit. 

Take Time To Relax

Most brides get stressed in the run up to their wedding, its a big day, so make sure you take time to recouperate and relax in the midst of all the caous. Take a couple of hours to enjoy an indulgent, nourishing massage and facial, bringing your mum or your bridesmaids will make it even more special and a memorable moment for you both. 

Don't Forget Your Hands. 

Your wedding day is probably the only day when you eyes and cameras on your hands. Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of your sparkling ring and photographers seem to always like to get a couple of shots for the album of his and hers rings holding hands. So make sure they're as prepped as your face and look into the various treatments available for hands including hydrating hand masks or hydrating dermal fillers if you're looking to roll back the signs of ageing.

And last but not least .... Enjoy your special day!