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You MUST-HAVE these two vitamins within your skincare regime


Feeding the skin with vitamin A and C. 


Vitamins - we all know they’re important, but how often do you incorporate them into your skincare regime? Anti-oxidants and vitamins are becoming increasingly popular on our high street. Retailers are expanding their product variation of vitamin-endorsed skin care choices, as the demand for natural and organic skincare products rises. 

Vitamins are suitable for all skin types, they offer a host of benefits to treat all skin concerns. Our primary source of vitamin intake used to derive from fruits and vegetables, but thanks to technological developments, we’re now able to incorporate them into our daily skincare regimes! 

Vitamin A and C are considered the most sort-after vitamins within an individuals skincare routine, these antioxidant-rich nutrients are renowned for their nourishing, protecting and repairing properties. Vitamin A and C can be easily integrated within everyone's skincare regime, as they ’re easily adaptable to each and every skin type. Despite vitamin A and C having many properties in common, their individual advantages are what continue to set them apart. 

Vitamin A is noted as the most essential nutrient that should be included within your daily routine. Vitamin A delivers a multitude of benefits including cell repair and skin hydration. The vitamin penetrates directly into the epidermis, vitamin A is able to counteract many of the factors that we associate with the ageing process, as well as everyday environmental damage. The vitamin achieves this by improving the health of the stratum core, skin tissue which controls its ability to shed dead cells. Vitamin C is considered the most potent antioxidant. This vitamin is recommended to brighten, dull tired looking skin. Vitamin C is critical to the production of new collagen, by hydrating the skin and helping to keep it looking younger for longer. “It regulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin and is involved in the process of wound healing, the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It also decreases melanin synthesis, evening out skin tone hyperpigmentation.”

Book in for a free skin consultation to discuss the health of your skin, during our consultation we’ll be able to advise you on which products would be best suited for your individual skin type. We stock a wide of vitamin-based skin care products, call into one of our clinics to explore the whole collection…


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