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Your Essential Countdown To Summer


This month at Skin Health Spa we are focused on counting down to sunny summer days, BBQ's, sipping cocktails on the beach and long sunday afternoons lay in a park. Let's face it, who isn't? So we've put together some great offers on our essential summer treatments to help you get ready for your holidays and warmer weather. 

3 - Hair Be Gone

With warmer weather comes the need for cooler clothing, shorts, dresses and sleeveless tops, and with this comes hair removal. Shaving on a daily basis or excessive use of hair removal creams can be harsh on your skin leaving it dry, sensitive and sore, Laser Hair Removal illiminates these problems and is the most permanent form of hair removal on the market. Imagine never having to worry about the tedious and time consuming task of waxing and shaving again, Enjoy the luxury of having smooth legs, bikini line and under arms every day, in the conquest for hair-freedom this summer. 

Laser hair removal uses a laser light, which generates heat to damage or destroy the hair follicles. The process is painless and very effective, and takes less than 15 mins per visit depending on the area being treated. 

This May we have 30% Off all Laser Hair Removal treatments. So ditch the razors once and for all and book your free consultation at your nearest clinic to find out more. 

2 - No More Embarrassing Sweat Marks

We've all got that favourite dress or top that is perfect for that summer wedding or a garden party but due to its colour or fit it causes all sorts of problems on a hot day with perspiration marks. The solution? Hyperhidrosis treatment. Its the secret of many Hollywood A-Listers and now more and more people are signing up to treatment to reduce excess sweating that can be embarrassing, stains clothes, ruin romance, and complicate business and social interactions.

Botulinum toxin is a relatively new treatment for people with hyperhidrosis and is a powerful protein that can be used safely in minute doses. Around 12-20 injections of botulinum toxin are given in the affected areas of the body, such as the armpits, hands, feet or face. The procedure takes about 30-45 minutes. The toxin works by blocking the signals from the brain to the sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat that is produced. So wear your favourite items of clothing this summer with confidence and book a free consultation with one of our specialist nurse prescribers to find out more. 

Book in May and get 20% Off Hyperhidrosis treatment. 

1 - Avoid Sunburn

Sun damage happens when the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate into the skin and damage cells. You can't feel this happening, and it can occur even when the sun doesn’t feel very hot. Sun damage increases the risk of skin cancer, and speeds up the skin's natural ageing process.

Everyone needs some sun to help keep their bodies healthy, and there are plenty of events over the summer months that will leave us exposed in the sun but overexposure to UV can lead to sunburn and premature ageing. Make sure you avoid sunburn this summer with a good sun protection with a high factor (minimum SPF30) and keep it topped up throughout the day. Our fully trained staff have seen the benefits of using sun protection products irrespective of time of year allowing them to provide you with an in-depth consultation and outcome to offer you a product that would best suit your skin type and keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. Call into your nearest clinic today to find out more and get some expert advice on protecting your skin this summer. 

We have 10% Off all retail and take home products this May including an extensive range of professional SPF's. 

There we have it, a 3-2-1 countdown of essential treatments to prepare for summer. We also have a wide range of hydrating skin treatments, long lasting gel nail treatments to cover you for two weeks holiday, Eyebrow and Lash extension treatments so you can go make up free on the beach and much more.